Monday, July 17, 2017

The Musical Map of New Orleans

New Orleans is well known for its incredibly rich musical history. You can now explore this history by taking one of a number of guided mapped tours of the city. The maps were created by New Orleans community radio station WWOZ.

A Closer Walk currently includes nine interactive mapped walks of New Orleans, each one exploring a different aspect of the city's musical history. The tours themselves are simple interactive maps with numbered markers indicating places in the city on the tour. Behind these simple maps however is a rich and detailed database of New Orleans' music venues and locations important to the city's musical heritage and history.

Click through on the interactive maps and you can discover all about these venues and locations around New Orleans. This includes a detailed introduction to the selected venue / location, links to websites, videos from the location, photos and audio clips. Music fans in particular will enjoy the associated video and audio clips provided for each location featured in A Closer Walk.

You can view a map of all the curated venues and locations by switching to the 'View Map' in the Places section of A Closer Walk.

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