Thursday, June 08, 2017

How Well Do You Know Your Hoods?

How well do your know your local neighborhoods and the neighborhoods of the world's largest towns & cities? You can find out by playing Click that 'hood!.

Click that 'hood! is a geography game which tests your knowledge of city neighborhoods. To play Click that 'hood! you first need to select a city or town from the long list of locations available. You are then shown an interactive map of your chosen city. Your task is to correctly identify the location of twenty neighborhoods as quickly as possible by pointing them out on the map.

If your town or city isn't already available to play on Click that 'hood! then you can add it yourself. If you have a shapefile of your local neighborhoods you can e-mail it to Code for America and they will add it to the game. Alternatively you can clone the game on GitHub and add the neighborhood data to your own instance of Click that 'hood!.

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