Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Working Abroad in the EU

The free movement of workers is one of the basic principles of the European Union. It means that Europeans can move between countries in the European Union in order to work. In 2015 4% of the EU's population had made use of this right in order to live in an EU country in which they weren't born.

The United Kingdom yesterday began negotiating its withdrawal from the European Union. One issue that needs to be addressed is what happens to UK nationals presently living in other EU countries and what happens to the non-British EU nationals currently living in the UK.

The Pew Research Center has created an interactive map which allows you to see how many non-native Europeans live in each EU country. The Origins and Destinations of European Union Migrants within the EU allows you to select an individual EU country and discover where the EU immigrants living there have originated from. You can also discover where migrants from individual countries have moved to in order to work.

According to the map 1,220,000 people from the UK are currently living in other EU countries. 2,880,000 people currently living in the UK were born in other EU countries.

The map itself was made with the Highmaps JavaScript library. Highmaps is an extension of the Highcharts JavaScript API which allows you to build interactive maps which can be used with Highcharts or as standalone maps.

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