Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Uber and Lyft in San Francisco

In the Fall of 2016, on an average Friday, Uber and Lyft made more than 200,000 journeys. A new data visualization, Uber and Lyft in San Francisco, allows you to explore the combined usage of Lyft and Uber in San Francisco during Fall 2016 on an interactive map.

The map shows in which areas of the city the two ride-share services are used the most. You can explore the data by day of the week and by hour of the day. You can also filter the data by pick-ups and drop-offs. The volume of pick-ups and drop-offs is shown on the map with a traditional choropleth view of the data. You can however switch to a 3D view in which the data is also extruded to show the volume of Uber and Lyft usage by height.

The choropleth layer is divided into Transportation Analysis Zones. In effect these are individual city blocks in the downtown area and slightly larger groups of blocks outside of the downtown area. You can click on these individual zones to view bar graphs of the hourly volume of pick-ups and drop-offs and the total for the whole day.

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