Friday, June 16, 2017

Make Your Own Map

If you're upset about seeing too many Maps without New Zealand then why not create your own map in which New Zealand is shown at the center of the world. The World Map Creator lets you create a map of the world centered on any location. You can even create your own map using your favorite map projection.

The World Map Creator includes the option to center your map on any location in the world. So if you are upset that maps always seem to be centered on the USA or Europe you can now choose your own map center. You can even ignore New Zealand and center the map on the Arctic or Antarctica if you want.

You probably also get upset a lot because Mercator maps show Africa as being the same size as Greenland. Don't lose your cool - use the World Map Creator to pick another map projection. There's also no need to lose sleep over the color of the sea. Just open up the 'Design Your World' tool and change the color of the oceans from blue to green.

Once you are happy that your map is centered on New Zealand, that Africa is the correct size and that the sea is an appropriate shade of green you can use the export tool to save your map as a PNG image.

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