Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mapping the Jewish Occupation of Hebron

Mapping the Apartheid argue that the Jewish settlements in the Palestinian city of Hebron and the creeping Jewish occupation of the Old City restrict "freedom of movement and suffocate the social and economic life for Palestinians".

To help illustrate this situation Mapping the Apartheid has created an interactive map showing the current situation in the historical center of Hebron. The interactive map shows the locations of the Jewish settlements in Hebron. It also shows the locations of checkpoints, watch points, cameras and barriers and the location of those roads which have been closed to Palestinians and Palestinian vehicles. Mapping the Apartheid argue that the map shows "how the Old City of Hebron is gradually being sterilized to facilitate colonization and Judaization of the Old City".

The map also includes links to the stories of Palestinians living in Hebron and affected by the occupation. If you click on these links you can read first-hand personal experiences of life in Hebron under occupation.

You can read more about Hebron and its importance to Jewish history and culture on the Jewish Virtual Library, Hebron: History & Overview.

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