Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mapping House Prices

In January Demographia International named Vancouver the 3rd least affordable housing market in the world, behind Hong Kong and Sydney. The housing market in San Francisco was ranked the 9th least affordable.

Darkhorse Analytics has created interactive maps which help explain the housing markets in Vancouver, San Francisco and Edmonton. The 2017 Property Assessments visualizes the average property assessments for buildings in each city. On each map individual building footprints are colored by their value.

One impressive feature of Darkhouse Analytics' mapped visualization is the 'Stories in the Data' feature. This feature picks out interesting stories in the data and the cost of property in each of the three cities. For example it picks out on the map neighborhoods where the average property assessments are higher or lower than the average for the city. It also highlights areas where there are large variations in property prices.

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