Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Melbourne's Future City Skyline

Last year Miami's Downtown Development Authority began using the Cesium mapping platform to visualize in 3D how Miami's skyline could look in the future. The map includes 3D models of building projects in the city which are either proposed, under construction or recently completed.

The Miami DDA 3D Map used the Cesium mapping platform to present a 3D map of downtown Miami which allows you to explore the effect of the new buildings on the skyline from any angle. You can even click on the individual buildings on the map to learn more about the developer, status and building type.

It is now also possible to use Mapbox GL's extrude property to show building planning proposals in 3D. The City of Melbourne has done just that in its new visualization of Melbourne's skyline. The city's Development Activity Model is a map which gives you a good idea of what Melbourne's skyline will look like once all the building's currently under construction have been completed.

The map shows buildings which are under construction, which have been approved by the city and buildings which have submitted planning applications and are awaiting approval. You can use the menu to turn on or off any of the 3D buildings under construction, approved or applied. You can also click on individual buildings on the map to discover its planning application number and information about the number of planned floors, dwellings and car parking spaces etc.

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