Friday, September 08, 2017

Abortion Clinic Driving Times

151 towns and cities in the US have no accessible abortion clinics that are within a 1 hour round-trip drive. If you live in one of the worst states for provision then a round-trip to the nearest abortion-providing clinic can take up to nine hours. State legislation where you live may also limit abortion to a certain number of number of weeks of pregnancy. If you are pregnant for longer then you may face an even bigger round-trip to the nearest available abortion-providing clinic.

The Pudding has used data from the Safe Place Project to work out how far Americans have to travel to their nearest abortion-providing clinic. In How Far is Too Far? the Pudding has illustrated their findings with a number of maps. These include a map which shows how many urban areas are within different driving times of abortion clinics. Another map allows you to enter a number for the length of pregnancy to see the traveling time to the nearest clinic which is allowed to assist for that length of pregnancy.

The Pudding article also looks more closely at how the situation in some states will deteriorate even further if those states introduce TRAP laws to ban abortion entirely.

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