Friday, September 08, 2017

Mapping Pictures of Hurricane Irma

The National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation has created an interactive map to document and evaluate the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. The Hurricane Irma Photo Map is a crowd-sourced map of geo-located photos showing damage caused by the tropical storm. It is designed to assist Emergency Management Agencies in evaluating the damage caused by Hurricane Irma and assess emergency response needs.

The map can be used to view the damage caused along the path of the storm. The map includes an overlay of Hurricane Irma's path and its forecast path. The locations of the crowd-sourced submitted photos are displayed on the map with clustered markers. You can view a photo by selecting its marker on the map.

You can submit photos to the map by clicking on the 'Add Photo' button. You don't need to have your own photographs of Hurricane Irma to help NAPSG. You can submit a relevant photograph found on news websites or social media if you know the correct location depicted in the image.

You can view the latest forecasts for Hurricane Irma's path on these Hurricane Irma's Forecast Path Maps.

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