Tuesday, September 12, 2017

All the Bikes in All the World

The Bike Sharing Atlas is a great data dashboard which allows you to explore real-time data from over 1,000 bike sharing networks around the world. Using the dashboard you can view individual bike networks and compare and contrast how different cities operate their bike sharing networks.

The 'Networks' view provides small multiple maps of bike sharing networks around the world. These multiple maps allow you to compare the geographical distribution of bike sharing stations in different cities side-by-side. You can also click on any of these small maps to explore an individual bike network in more detail.

Exploring the interactive map of an individual city's bike sharing network gives you access to lots of data about that city's network. You can view the location of all the individual bike stations and explore the current status of bikes & empty slots in each station and its average utilization. You can also explore the bike stations by elevation, which allows you to discover the city's highest & lowest bike sharing station.

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