Thursday, September 07, 2017

Name That Place in One

How well do you know your city? Test your knowledge with Urbanopticon, a Street View location guessing game. It is fun to play and is also a fun citizen science project.

So let's play!

After selecting a city where you want to play you are shown a random Street View image. You need to show where you think that Street View is by clicking on the Google Map. Once you have submitted your answer you are shown the real location & your answer on a map and are awarded points for how close you got to the real location.

As well as earning points for your answers you are also helping Urbanopticon develop a collective mental map of your city based on your answers and the answers of other players. Using these answers the team can begin to answer questions about which areas in cities are memorable, why some areas are more memorable than others and how developers / city planners can better build communities that help make people feel more at home.

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