Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Cycling Accidents in New York

New York can be a very dangerous place to cycle. Especially between 6-7 pm and during the month of September. You can see how precarious it can be to bike in New York on this NYC Cycling Incidents Map.

The map shows that there aren't many sections of the city's roads where cyclists haven't been injured. In fact there are so many dots (each showing the location of a cycling accident) that using map markers to show where accidents have happened is probably not the best way to visualize this data. For example coloring each section of road by the number of accidents might give a clearly indication of the locations in New York that have the worst cycling incidents record.

What does really work well on this map are the options provided to explore the data. The charts and graph view reveal the number of cycling accidents by time of day and month. You can also click on these charts to filter the accidents by time of day and the month of the year.

The map uses Microsoft's Power BI data visualization tool with Mapbox's interactive mapping library.

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