Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Global Sea Level Rise Since 1933

The Permanent Service of Mean Sea Level has been measuring sea level changes around the world since 1933. To do this the organisation has over 2,000 tide gauge meters measuring sea levels across the globe. CORRECTIV has mapped the records from 500 of these meters to provide an insight into how sea levels have changed in the last century and how they might change in the future.

Using CORRECTIV's Rising Seas map you can select any of the 500 mapped meters anywhere in the world. When you click on a meter you can view a graph of the meter's measurements since 1933. The map sidebar also provides an overview of how sea level has changed at this location since the measurements began.

As well as measurements from the 500 meter readings the Rising Seas map also includes an overlay which shows you coastal areas which are within 10 meters of sea level and therefore most at risk from rising sea levels.

I really like the use of breadcrumbs to help you navigate this map. Users can use the links at the top of the information panel to step back through different zoom levels. From being zoomed in on the location of an individual meter you can quickly step back to the country zoom level, the continent level and finally to the whole world. When the map is zoomed in on a country the map sidebar updates to show the average number of CO2 produced by each inhabitant of that country.

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