Friday, September 29, 2017

Mapping 17 million Data Points:

Axismaps were challenged to visualize the percentage of children receiving rotavirus vaccines over ten years at state, county and zip code level. This is more than 17 million data points. A lot of data to put on an interactive map.

The resulting Rotavirus Visualization is a very effective demonstration of the growth in the number of children receiving the vaccine across the United States since 2006. Users can view an animated visualization of the vaccinations since 2006. Alternatively you can zoom-in on individual zip codes and use the timeline to view the percentage of children vaccinated for any week since 2006.

Axismaps used a combination of SVG and drawing to a canvas element to manage the huge amount of data being mapped. You can find out more about how this was achieved in their blog post Animating a temporal ton in a web map.

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