Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Indigenous People of Colombia

Over recent year the government of Colombia has been helping to secure the territorial land rights of some of the country's indigenous peoples. More than 1,630,000 acres of land has been legally titled to indigenous communities, helping to ensure the survival both of the indigenous peoples and the important ecosystems which exist within those territories.

The Amazon Conservation Team's Legalization of Indigenous Territories in Colombia is a story map revealing the impact that this process is having both on the indigenous peoples and on the conservation of important ecosystems. The map provides a really interesting overview of the territorial land rights of the different indigenous tribes, the ecosystems which exist within those territories and how the tribes contribute to the sustainable management of that land.

As you progress through the map you learn about the traditional homes of Colombia's indigenous peoples and about the ecosystems in which they live. You also learn more about the process of land titling and how that process is helping to ensure the future of both the people and the ecology of Colombia.

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