Monday, October 02, 2017

Real Trains in Real Time

The Swiss Railways map Trafimage shows the entire public transit network of Switzerland. It maps railway lines, tram lines, buses and cable-cars. The map even shows you all the trains on the Swiss railway network moving in real-time.

If you select the 'Train Tracker' option from the map menu you can watch all the trains in Switzerland moving in real-time, based on the timetable of the Swiss rail system. If you zoom in on a train and click its map marker its schedule will be loaded into the map sidebar. Controls also appear in the sidebar that allow you to speed up how fast the train moves on the map.

The Trafimage map also allows you to click on individual stations to view the station timetable, train departure times and services available in the station.

You can also follow Swiss trains in real time on the Swiss Railways Network map. This map also allows you to view all trains on the Swiss Railway moving in real-time based on the national rail timetable.

The Swiss Railways Network Map includes the option to automatically follow any train in real-time. If you select a train on the map then select the 'follow' button (which appears in the map sidebar) the map will then automatically follow your selected train. Like with Trafimage you also have the option to increase the speed that the train moves on the map.

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