Tuesday, October 10, 2017

An Overview of Planet Earth

When astronauts first look down on Earth from outer space they often experience what is called the 'overview effect'. Seeing the whole of the Earth from above can inspire a deeper realization of both the beauty and fragility of this planet we call home. The Daily Overview hopes to inspire just a little of that effect by providing you with daily aerial images of Earth.

The Daily Overview includes some truly amazing aerial imagery of planet Earth. The collection includes recent satellite imagery, such as an astonishing shot of hundreds of abandoned cars which were damaged by Hurricane Harvey. This is the latest image to appear in the site's daily feed. Just scroll down the feed to view hundreds of other amazing views of planet Earth.

The Juxtapose section of the Daily Overview is also worth a visit. In this section two aerial views of the same location, which were taken at different times, are shown side-by-side. A slider control allows you to switch between each of the paired images. In this way you can compare images of the Fukushima nuclear power plant (before and after it was hit by a tidal wave), the location of Burning Man (during the festival and after the clean-up) and an overview of Dutch tulip fields (after planting and in full bloom).

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