Saturday, October 07, 2017

One Day of Gun Violence in the USA

Earlier this week Vox published an interactive Mass Shootings map to visualize the 1,518 mass shootings in the United States since December 2012. Looking at the huge number of shootings over a number of years is an interesting way to explore America's obsession with guns and shooting each other. However you don't necessarily need to look at the accumulation of gun crime over time. You could instead look at all the gun related incidents across the country in just one day.

The San Francisco Chronicle has done just that. One Day of Gun Violence in America is an interactive map showing the locations of all gun related incidents across the United States on October 1, 2017.

The map is in the story map format and as you scroll down the map highlights different types of gun related incidents across the country. As you scroll the map reveals that as well as the 59 people killed in Las Vegas there were 48 other people killed by guns and 80 other people who were shot but survived. In total 107 people were killed and 329 injured by guns on October 1st. That's only slightly higher than an average day in gun crazy America.

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