Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How Healthy is Your New Neighborhood?

Are you living in an environmentally unhealthy neighborhood? HealthyEnviron can tell you. Just enter your address into HealthyEnviron's interactive map and it will reveal how healthy your environment is - based on 11 different factors.

HealthyEnviron uses data from the CDC's Public Health Tracking Network and the EPA's Air Quality Database to give every neighborhood in the United States a HealthyEnviron score. A low HealthyEnviron score means that you live in a neighborhood with an unhealthy environment. A high score means that you can sleep easy in the knowledge that your area has a healthy environment.

To find out your neighborhood's score just enter your address or click on your home on the interactive map. HealthyEvriron will then display the HealthyEnviron score for your area and display a heatmap showing the health of the wider area around your home.

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