Monday, October 09, 2017

New York Loves Bacon

The Food Capitals of Instagram is a really nicely designed guide to the popularity of foods with Instagram users around the world. The interactive allows you to select a number of different types of food and see where the most Instagram users are posting pictures of that kind of food across the globe.

Select a type of food from the icon menu above the map and you can see where Instagram users have been posting photos of that food on a world map. Scaled circular map markers show you the percentage of people posting pictures of the food in different global cities. The circles are colored based on the continent where that kind of food originally came from. The top 5 cities are also listed beside the map.

This map is obviously just a map of Instagram users and therefore shouldn't be taken too seriously as a guide to the popularity of different types of food around the world. However the map does begin to show how different immigrant communities can effect the types of food popular in different cities and countries.

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