Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Maps You Need to Survive Halloween

If you want a little help navigating the streets while trick or treating then you need this scary Mapbox Halloween Map. This Mapbox Studio created map uses an appropriately themed color-scheme, with pumpkin colored seas and darkly ominous land features. Town and city map labels have also been updated to make them sound a little more haunted. You might also notice a few spooky changes to the usual map icons.

I can't tell you which houses are haunted but this map can give you a few clues as to which local properties it might be best to avoid on All Hallows' Eve. Oshimaland is a 'stigmatized property' map. In other words it can tell you which of your neighbors' houses has witnessed truly terrifying events.

In Japan many house-hunters will refuse to buy a property if it has been the location for a gruesome crime, murder or suicide. Because of this squeamishness on the part of house-hunters many real-estate agencies don't like to advertise the gruesome history of these properties. That's where Oshimaland comes in.

It has set itself the task of mapping stigmatized properties. Each property listed on the Oshimaland map is rated based on its level of stigmatization. This rating is indicated by the number of fire icons attached to a property. If a property has witnessed more than one gruesome event then you might find it has a three 'fire' icon rating.

Although Oshimaland does include homes in the USA you are more likely to find out whinch of your local houses are haunted on Housecreep.

Housecreep is a North American map of stigmatized properties. If you want to know which houses have witnessed gruesome crimes around your home then you are more likely to find them on Housecreep than Oshimaland. Just enter your address into Housecreep to discover where you should avoid trick or treating at Halloween.

Tonight you should not leave home without the Map of the Dead. This map can show you the best places to avoid and where to get help if you run into the walking dead.

Just enter your address into Map of the Dead and you are presented with a handy map displaying the zombie danger zones around your home. The map also displays nearby places that are likely to have resources to help you survive once the zombies begin to take control.

Sometimes running is the only option. To survive on the streets tonight you might just need to outpace the converging hordes of the undead. To practice your zombie avoidance skills you should use this Google Maps Street View application.

As you run around the streets in Street View Zombie Apocalypse you can view the approaching zombies in the inset Google Map. To stay alive you will need to outsmart them and avoid becoming trapped.

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