Monday, October 30, 2017

The Map of Life on Earth

The Map of Life is mapping the diversity of animal life on planet Earth. The Map of Life allows you to both explore where different animal species live on Earth and the number of species living in every country on Earth.

You can explore the diversity of species in any country by selecting an area on the Map Of Life Regions map (in the USA and Canada you can explore down to state or province level). If you click on a country on the map you can view a breakdown of the number of bird, mammal and reptile species living in the country. If you select the Map of Life Species tab then you can view the a habitat range map for the selected species, showing the areas of the world where the species lives.

The Map of Life is now also mapping where in the world animal habitats most need protection. The new Biodiversity Patterns section provides heat maps showing species richness around the world for birds and mammals. The map also shows areas where some form of conservation protection exists. The map can therefore be used to identify areas where species richness is at risk and which is also in need of more habitat conservation protection.

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