Monday, October 23, 2017

Mapping the 2016 Irish Census

The Republic of Ireland's All-Island Research Observatory has collaborated with the Central Statistics Office to create a new mapped visualization of data from the 2016 census. The Census 2016 Viewer provides mapped visualizations of more than 130 different census variables.

Using the Census 2016 Viewer you can explore all aspects of the 2016 census, including population density in Ireland, the distribution of different religions, ethnic backgrounds, family types, occupations and class. The mapped visualization for each socio-economic variable provides a choropleth view of the selected variable. You can also click on the map to view the percentages and counts in the area (for example the percentage of Roman Catholics in the selected county).

The map also includes a  useful chart tool which allows you to create charts for a number of different socio-economic variables based on the current map bounds or for your own defined area on the map.

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