Saturday, October 21, 2017

3.8 Billion Years on Mars

This week added lots of new links to websites using three.js. Among these new featured sites is National Geographics' Rewind the Red Planet and Cassini's Grand Tour. These two interactive presentations use three.js to take us on a tour of the evolution of Mars over 3.8 billion years and around the solar system following NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

At the heart of Rewind the Red Planet is an interactive globe of Mars. As you scroll through the site the globe updates to show how the planet might have looked during different stages in its history. The interactive also uses 360 degree 'Street View' panoramas of Mars to show how its evolution has looked from the surface of Mars. This includes imagined views of Mars in its distant past and more recent panoramas using imagery from the Curiosity Rover.

Rewind the Planet finishes with an overview of Mars today. In this section all of the landings on Mars are shown on the interactive globe of the planet.

Cassini's Grand Tour explores Cassini’s incredible voyage and some of its greatest achievements. Among the highlights of this tour has to be the imagery of Saturn and its moons captured by the Cassini spacecraft. The interactive also explores some of the new information that we learnt from Cassini, about Saturn's storms and the planet's rings.

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