Saturday, October 28, 2017

The European Beer Map

Luthansa's European Beer Map can help you find great venues for beer in Europe's major cities. Select a city on the map and you can discover Luthansa's recommended bar with a great selection of beers.

There are problems with this map. The most serious is the lack of data. This map is only going to be useful to you if you are traveling to a capital city or to the limited number of other major cities which are featured on the map. Luthansa also only has one or two suggestions for each city. So, if you disagree with Luthnsa's suggestion, you are going to be lost.

The other major problem I had with this map was navigation. The map for each venue includes a 'back to the map' link. On my laptop this link is always hidden behind the venue information details. So the only way to get back to the main map is by refreshing the page.

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