Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Small Buildings of San Francisco

Mapbox's Asheem Mamoowala has a solution to San Francisco's housing crisis - taller buildings. It turns out that most San Francisco buildings are not as tall as they could be. We know this because Asheem has mapped a comparison of San Francisco actual building heights with their allowed building heights.

The San Francisco Allowed Building Heights map uses Mapbox GL's 3d and polygon extrusion properties to show the difference between actual building heights and the height allowed under building regulations. On the map actual building heights are shown using grey building footprints. The 'unused height allowance' for each building is shown using a yellow-blue color ramp - with the colors indicating the number of floors that could be added to the building under zoned height regulations.

You can read more about how Asheem created the map in his blog post Are San Francisco buildings as tall as they could be?

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