Monday, October 02, 2017

Dangerous Roads for Cycling

CycleStreets, the UK bike route map, now also allows you to view data about road accidents which have involved cyclists. This means that you can use CycleStreets to plan a bike route and also see the relative safety of that route, based on the number of traffic accidents.

The road collision data comes from the Department of Transport. The map allows you to filter the traffic accidents shown by the severity of the accident, by year and by type of road. You can click on the individual collision markers on the map to view details about the accident, including the date, the severity of the accident and the number of casualties.

As well as the new road collision data CycleStreets also includes 'cycleability ratings' for every road. These are CycleStreets own bike safety ratings which colors each road based on its suitability for cycling.

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