Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Mapping Animal Migrations

The Military Mutual has created an interactive map showing the incredible migratory journeys undertaken by animals around the world. The map shows selected journeys made by species which every year travel incredible distances by land, sea and air.

The lines on the Strength in Numbers map show the direction and locations of the selected animal migrations. The circles represent the size of the migrating population. You can click on each of these circles on the map to view the featured animal species and the total number of miles completed in its annual migration.

Below the map you can view some interesting statistics about animal migrations. For example, Arctic Terns fly around 55,923 miles on their migration. To put that in perspective that's more than twice the circumference of the Earth. In terms of numbers the Silver Y moth stands out. 250,000,000 Silver Y moths migrate every year.

Strength in Numbers goes on to look at how animal migrations compare to notable journeys made by humans; the ‘manpower’ of the British Armed Forces; and also takes a quick look at the animals who work alongside the British Armed Forces.

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