Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Can You Draw All 50 States?

This is a fun game from Time which tests how well you can draw all 50 states. Time's See How Well You Can Draw All 50 States requires you to draw each of the states in turn from memory. As you draw each state Time adds your drawing to a map of the United States.

After you have drawn a state you are shown a map of the state and given a grade based on the accuracy of your drawing. Each state that you draw is added to a map of the entire United States. However it is your drawing which is added to the map. Therefore, after drawing all 50 states, you will end up with a US map containing all 50 of your roughly drawn states.

If you enjoy Time's map drawing game then you might also want to test your geographical knowledge on Click that 'hood!

Click that 'hood! is a geography game which tests your knowledge of city neighborhoods. To play Click that 'hood! you first need to select a city or town from the long list of locations available. You are then shown an interactive map of your chosen city. Your task is to correctly identify the location of twenty neighborhoods as quickly as possible by pointing them out on the map.


Anonymous said...

How do i draw on mobile? I can only scroll when I try.

Anonymous said...

How do I draw? I can only scroll.

Anonymous said...

lol I was confused but you draw in the white box that they give you under what to draw. YOU DO NOT DRAW ON THE MAP!