Thursday, September 06, 2018

Who's Winning the Global Arms Race?

Two weeks ago Maps Mania looked at a number of mapped visualizations of the SIPRI Arms Transfers Database, a record of all major arms deals around the world since 1950. However, if you really want to know who is winning the global arms race and is therefore the greatest peddler of death in the world, you need the Arms Race Visualization.

The Arms Race Visualization allows you to select any two (or more) countries to view how many arms the selected countries have sold since 1949 and who they sold those arms to. After you select the countries you wish to view the map uses animated flow lines to show where each selected country has exported arms and how many arms they have sold.

The visualization animates through each year since 1949. The timeline below the map shows the currently displayed year. The map sidebars show the total volume of arms sold for the currently displayed year and the total for all years since 1949. It also shows the five countries which are the biggest customers of arms from your selected country and the total number of arms that they bought.

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