Friday, September 14, 2018

The Interactive Map of Jewish Places

Jewish Places is a new interactive map designed to provide detailed information about locations which have been important to Jewish life in Germany. The new Jewish Places website aims to provide a tool which can help individuals document and explore Jewish life in Germany and provide a guide to local Jewish history in towns and cities across the country.

The Jewish Places interactive map provides a resource for showing both religious and secular locations. It can be used to document and find the locations of synagogues, prayer houses, cemeteries or mikwaot. It can also be used to find the locations of secular facilities such as sports clubs, Jewish salons or cafes. The map can also be used to document and locate locations which where important in the lives of Jewish Germans. So, for example, it can be used to create a biographical walking tour for an important historical individual.

Anyone can contribute to the Jewish Places website. The site encourages people to contribute their knowledge of local places important to Jewish life. When adding a place to the map you can upload or input text, images or videos to help document the history of your submitted location.

As a crowd-sourced map Jewish Places will hopefully develop lots of content over time. For now, if you are interested in Jewish history you will probably find more information on Jewish Cultures Mapped. Jewish Cultures Mapped is an interactive timeline and map exploring Jewish cultures around the world within their historical context. The map allows you to explore the history of Jewish culture throughout history and across the globe.

Jewish Cultures Mapped provides three main ways to navigate your way through the history of Jewish culture. The map allows you to explore this history by location. Zoom in on a city and you can explore all the cultural stories associated with the city by clicking on any of the map markers. The markers are colored by date (you can use the timeline to determine the date of each color).

You can also explore the history of Jewish Cultures using the timeline running along the bottom of the map. This interactive timeline allows you to navigate to different periods in Jewish history to explore the history of Jewish culture at that time.

Jewish Culture Mapped also allows you to explore Jewish cultures by category. The history of Jewish cultures has been ordered into a number of different categories, including Projects, People, Place and Organizations. This allows you to explore the history of Jewish Cultures by theme, individuals and organisations, companies & groups.

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