Tuesday, September 04, 2018

How Popular is Your Name?

The Zato Novo Baby Name Interactive Map can show you how popular your name is in every state of the USA. It can even show you how the popularity of your name has changed throughout the last 100 years.

Enter your name into the map and you can view an animated choropleth view showing the popularity of that name in each state for every year since the name's first occurrence in the US census. If you hover over a state you can view the number of people with the name for the currently displayed year and the percentage of people with that name in the state. Beneath the map is a total, showing the number of people with the name (for each year) across the whole of the country.

The map is a great way to view the popularity of different names across the United States and through time. Unfortunately the map doesn't include a pause button or a year selection control, which you would need to really explore the data in any detail.

The American government's Social Security Administration has a tool that allows you to view the top 100 baby names for any state and for any year of birth (back to 1960). The SSA's Popular Names by State website also allows you to select any year to see the top 5 most popular male and female names given to babies in every state in the selected year.

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