Wednesday, September 05, 2018

The NSW Population Explorer

The New South Wales Planning & Environment department has created an interactive map which shows the movement of residents in and out of the state. The map uses data from two different Australian censuses to show where people who moved between 2006 and 2011 moved to and from.

The Population Explorer map allows you to explore migration in and out of New South Wales at three different levels of detail. It can show movement in and out of New South Wales, the 10 planning regions, and the 152 Local Government Areas. After you select a level of migration you can click on the map to view the migration in and out of the selected location. Flow lines show all the other locations people have moved from (or to) and the colors of the different regions show the number of people who moved from the region.

You can switch between inward and outward migration in the map side-panel. This side-panel also shows the number of people who migrated in & out of the selected region, the top regions where people moved to & from, and an age profile of the migrants.

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