Monday, September 10, 2018

Swedish Election Maps

Despite some nearly hysterical reporting on the Swedish Election (outside of Sweden) the far-right Sweden Democrats party failed to pick-up much support in yesterday's national election. The party achieved around 17.6% of the vote, far short of the 25% that many were predicting. The governing Social Democrats were the leading party with 28.4% of the vote. The largest center-right Moderate party picked-up 19.8%.

The election results mean that both the left and the right will struggle to put together a working coalition government. The result of this could be that the Sweden Democrats might have some influence, especially if the Moderate party of the center-right, decide to push anti-immigrant legislation in tacit agreement for parliamentary support from the Sweden Democrats.

You can view the results in more detail on the Aftonbladet interactive map of the election results. The map is colored to show the political party which won the most votes in each electoral district. The Aftonbladet election map shows that the Social Democrats were the biggest party in every region of Sweden, except for Stockholm, where the Moderates picked up the most votes.

If you want to know how an individual party polled throughout Sweden then you can select an individual political party to view a breakdown of their results across the country. Select an individual party and a choropleth view will show the party's support in all the different electoral regions. You can select individual regions on the map to view a more detailed local map showing the results in individual electoral wards.

The Daghens Nyheter interactive election map has exactly the same functionality as the Aftonbladet map. It allows you to see which political party won the most votes in each electoral district. You can also select individual political parties to see where they polled best throughout Sweden.

The far-right Sweden Democrats picked up their most votes in Sjöbo, Bjuv and Bromölla. Sjöbo is a town which has a long history of voting against immigration. Thirty years ago the town voted not to take any refugees. The Sweden Democrats party formed later that same year with the slogan "Sjöbo shows the way". The Sweden Democrats picked up 39.4% of the votes in Sjöbo.

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