Tuesday, September 04, 2018

The Organ Donors Map of the UK

In South Hams in Devon 71% of the population are registered organ donors. This contrasts starkly with Barking & Dagenham where only 16% of the population have registered that their organs can be used in the event of their death.

A new interactive map of registered organ donors by Esri UK reveals how many organ donors there are in each borough in the UK. The UK Organ Donor Registrations map provides a choropleth view of the percentage of organ donors across the country. If you select a borough on the map you can view the percentage of the local population who are registered organ donors and the number of people on the organ transplant list (as of May 2018).

The map does seem to reveal a disparity between urban and rural boroughs. People who live in the country seem far more likely to be registered donors than the urban population of the UK. The five boroughs with the lowest numbers of registered organ donors are: Barking and Dagenham (15.99%), Harlow (16.2%), Newham (16.3%), Leicester (19.4%) and Redbridge (19.9%). The five boroughs with the highest number of registered organ donors are: South Hams (71%), Malvern Hills District (67%), Wiltshire (64%), Edinburgh (62%) and Shropshire (61%).

Perhaps other cities need to study what Edinburgh is doing to register organ donors.

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