Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Australian Cancer Atlas

The Australian Cancer Atlas is a new interactive map showing the incident rates of different cancers and their survival rates across Australia. The map makes it easy for people to see where in the country incident rates of different types of cancer are higher or lower than the national averages.

Among the interactive map's many excellent features is a 'Tours' facility which provides more details about the data shown on the map and the geographical patterns in the diagnosis rates for different types of cancer. For example if you select the 'lung cancer' tour you can view a choropleth view of the average risk of being diagnosed with lung cancer across the country. As you scroll through the tour the map side-panel points out some of the geographical patterns of lung cancer, including those areas with significantly higher or lower rates of lung cancer than the national average.

The map menu allows you to select the type of cancer to view on the map. You can also select whether you want to view the diagnosis rates for males or for females. The 'tutorial' view provides a nice guide as to how to use the map and how to navigate to the different cancer types and data views.

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