Friday, September 07, 2018

The D.C. Stop & Frisk Map

Black residents in Washington D.C. are the target of 80% of the police department's forcible stops. 9 in 10 of those black residents stopped & frisked by the police are male. Black residents in D.C. are stopped by the police at a rate far higher than the proportion of black residents in D.C. and far higher than the number of crimes committed by black residents. White residents in D.C. are stopped and searched by the police far lower than the proportion of crimes committed by white residents.

Police Stops in Washington D.C. is an interactive mapped visualization of the Metropolitan Police Department's stop & frisk data. It shows where residents were stopped and searched in Washington D.C. from 2010 to 2017. The map shows that neighborhoods with the highest proportion of black residents have suffered the highest number of incidents of police stop & frisk. As well as showing where stop & frisk incidents took place you can filter the map by race / ethnicity, by gender and by age.

It isn't only the black residents of D.C. who are targeted by the police. Hispanic/ Latino residents in 2016 were stopped over four times as many times as white residents. This rate invariably goes up for Hispanic / Latino (and black) residents in neighborhoods with a high proportion of white residents.

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