Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Denmark from All Angles

Denmark's Board of Data Supply and Efficiency Services (SDFE) has released oblique aerial views of the whole of the country. Skråfoto is an interactive map which allows you to zoom in on any location in Denmark and view oblique aerial photographs of the location captured from every angle.

The Skråfoto map is made up of 1.3 million high resolution oblique aerial photographs of Denmark. Oblique aerial views provide a view of the ground from an angle. The Skråfoto map allows you to view any location from a top down view and from four different angles. The map allows you to view all 5 views on one map or you can select any one of the five different aerial views of a location to view it full-screen.

SDFE created the map so that the photos can be downloaded and used in property evaluations. However they expect the photos to be used by many other government departments, such as local planning and construction. They also hope that the aerial views will also be downloaded and used by the private sector, for example in architecture, real estate and insurance.

The Skråfoto map will be updated next year with new 2019 aerial oblique photos of the whole of Denmark.

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