Tuesday, December 18, 2018

An Atlas of American Gun Violence

I remember the days when every other interactive map was a visualization of Starbucks outlets across America. Unfortunately these days every other interactive map seems to be a visualization of shootings in the USA.

An Atlas of American Gun Violence maps five years of American gun violence, during which time there has been over 150,000 shootings. On the map red markers show the locations of where at least one person was killed and yellow markers are used to show the locations of non-fatal shootings. The atlas includes an interesting animated tour which introduces you to the map and explains some of the patterns in American gun violence. You can use the filter controls to view shootings on the map by year, by fatal /non-fatal and by type of shooting.

The map uses data from the Gun Violence Archive, which has been collecting gun violence data for the last five years. Vox's Mass Shootings Since Sandy Hook Map also uses the Gun Violence Archive to map all the incidents of mass shootings in the USA. The Gun Violence Archive itself has a Charts and Maps section which includes a number of static maps of their gun violence data. This includes a map of all 13,998 people killed by guns in the United States so far this year.

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