Monday, December 03, 2018

Comparing Countries by Size

Jason Davies has arranged the world's countries in order of land area. Russia, the largest country in the world, is the first country to appear on Jason's Countries by Area visualization. Luxembourg, the smallest country in the list, comes last.

The map of every country in this visualization is reproduced to scale. This means that the countries at the bottom of the visualization are very small when compared to Russia. This is presumably why Countries by Area stops at Luxembourg. Each of the countries are colored by continent. You can mouse-over the individual countries to view its size in square kilometers and its ranking in the list of countries by size.

You can make a direct comparison of the size of any two countries using the True size of interactive map. This map allows you to overlay any country in the world on top of the outline of any other country.

The True size of interactive map doesn't limit you to just two countries. Why not see how many of the smaller countries in Jason Davies list you can fit inside the outline of Russia?


Anonymous said...

Russia is not bigger than usa

Anonymous said...

RĂºssia is bigger than russia