Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Mapping Fire Risk in California

In 2018 nearly 20,000 homes in California were lost and more than 100 people were killed by wildfires. As global warming continues to create the perfect conditions for wildfires the risk to Californians is likely to grow. According to analysis by the LA Times one in ten buildings in California are in the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection's highest-risk fire zones.

In A million California buildings face wildfire risk the LA Times has created a series of hexagon density maps showing the concentration of buildings in severe fire hazard zones. This series starts with a map showing the areas in California with the largest concentration of endangered homes. It continues with individual maps showing the areas with the largest concentration of fire risk buildings in and around Los Angeles, San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The LA Times article also has an interactive map which shows the location of every one of California's 8,900 very severe hazard zones. The LA Times says that the total number of at risk homes in California is likely to be more than 114,000.

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Mike de rastreador de vuelos said...

This is So bad to see. I think most of this could also be prevented if people would be more careful in the nature. Thanks to all the people who help to fight against that fires.