Monday, December 03, 2018

Flooding Models for the Netherlands

The University of Gronigen has released an interactive map which shows which areas of Friesland are vulnerable to storm water flooding. The Wolk Viewer map models how rain water flows through the streets after a heavy rain storm. It simulates both the flow paths of the rainwater and where standing water would accumulate. The map covers most of the Friesland area of the Netherlands.

The Wolk Viewer simulated flooding model is based on 60mm of precipitation an hour. The model is intended only for the analysis of flooding in built-up areas, which means the model only provides a reliable picture in urban areas. The map has two buttons which allow you to view the flow paths and standing water separately on the map or to view both layers together.

The flooding model shown on the map is based on a WOLK model originally developed by the Tauw engineering firm. A WOLK (CLOUDS) model is a simple flooding model which uses a digital elevation model to show how water moves from higher levels to lower levels, while filling up lower levels with water. It provides a reasonable guide to which areas are vulnerable to flooding during a heavy rain storm.

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