Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Russia's Attack on the World's Democracies

Russia seems intent on destabilizing democracies around the world. In just the last three years Russia has hacked into the servers of the Democratic Party in the USA, assassinated a person in the UK and, most recently, fired upon Ukrainian ships.

The Alliance for Securing Democracy has been tracking where and how Russia has been interfering in more than 40 countries around the world. You can explore these discoveries on the Authoritarian Interference Tracker. Click on an individual country on the Authoritarian Interference Tracker interactive map and you can view all the recorded incidents where Russia has interfered in that country's democratic process.

The Alliance for Securing Democracy categorizes Russia's interference in democracies into a number of different areas, including cyberattacks and political & social subversion. The map uses pie charts as markers to show the scale of these different categories of attacks by Russia on individual countries. The size of the pie charts are proportional to the scale of Russia's attacks on that country. If you select a country on the map you can read more about each individual incident, as listed below the map.

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