Thursday, December 20, 2018

Santa's Digital Delivery Management System

Delivering presents to 325 million Americans during the course of just one night can create huge logistical problems. Luckily Santa is now able to use SDMS, the world's first comprehensive digital Santa Delivery Management System.

The Santa Delivery Management System maps out every home in America scheduled for a delivery on the night before Christmas. To ensure the most efficient delivery speeds the SDMS is designed to show the location of all homes with chimneys (Santa's preferred route of delivery). Even though the SDMS shows Santa the fastest delivery routes he still needs to maintain his energy. Therefore the SDMS can also show Santa the areas of the country where Americans are most likely to have cookies and milk in their groceries.

The Santa Delivery Management System ensures that Santa's sleigh can leverage real-time data to aid navigation around the globe. This information includes information on no fly zones, real-time weather reports and the real-time locations of other aircraft.

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