Thursday, December 06, 2018

Global Wind & Rain

The animated interactive weather map Ventusky now has a new radar layer, which can show the levels of rainfall around the world. The Ventusky weather map offers highly accurate data about weather conditions around the world. It now offers even more accurate precipitation data across the globe.

Ventusky has been working on its new radar layer for over a year. The layer uses sources from all around the world. It includes data from nearly 200 weather radars in North America, covering the USA and Canada. It also includes data from 100 weather radars from Europe and a few dozen more radars around the globe.

On the map the radar layer shows the intensity of precipitation. This intensity of precipitation is displayed using colors ranging from blue for light precipitation to red for very heavy precipitation. Using the timeline controls, running along the bottom of the map, you can animate the radar layer to observe precipitation moving and developing over time.

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