Wednesday, December 05, 2018

The Autocomplete Map of the USA

A few years ago autocomplete maps were very popular. Then they went away for a while. Now they are back!

Autocomplete maps show you the most searched for phrases on Google for different locations. For example if you type into Google 'why is Alaska ..' Google will list a number of auto-complete suggestions based on how most people use that question stem when searching on Google.

On Google most people use the 'why is Alaska ...' form of question to ask 'why is Alaska so cold'. Conversely the question stem 'why is Arizona ..' is most often used on Google to ask 'why is Arizona so hot'. You can find out the autocomplete suggestions for other states on The United State of Wonder interactive map.

The map shows the autocomplete suggestions for each US state for the question stems:

'Why is ... ?'
'When will ...?'
'Can ...?'

You can make your own global autocomplete maps using Map Channels' Autocomplete Maps. This tool, released in 2014, lets you enter your own question stems to create an interactive map showing the autocomplete suggestions for that question for locations around the world.

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