Monday, December 03, 2018

Transmarine Dream

Come and explore the strange transmarine dream of Andy Woodruff's Beyond the Sea.

Back in 2016 in Beyond the Sea Andy Woodruff answered the question of what lies beyond the sea for locations around the world. He created a series of maps which showed where each continent could be seen from (if you ignore the curvature of the Earth and our imperfect eyesight) from every other continent. His maps show what lies directly across the ocean if you take into account the direction of the coastline at any given point.

Andy has now created an animated interactive map which visualizes all the locations which lie directly across the sea on one integrated map. Click on a country on the Interactive Beyond the Sea map and you can see colorful lines shoot out to show the worldwide locations that can be 'seen' if you look directly out from any point on the selected country's coastline.

The colors of the lines represent the different destination continents. The result is that if you click on a country you can watch a colorful 'firework display' of animated lines shooting out around the world. If you select the 'start fireworks' option you can actually watch the world's coastlines exploding in one global transmarine dream.

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