Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Making Play Maps for Children

Kinderkiez turns digital maps into real life play mats for children. If you are looking for a map present for a child (or for the grown-up kids in your life) then you can't do much better than these wonderful nursery mats which depict a map of any location in the world.

Using the Kinderkiez creation tool you can select any location in the world for your play mat. Once you have chosen a location Kinderkiez combines real geodata with the amazing illustrations of children’s book author Laura Bednarski to create a unique map designed for young children. You can also customize the look of your map by selecting your own favorite Bednarski illustrations and adding them to any location on the map.

When you are happy with your map you can go ahead and order your personalized nursery map. The finished product has a durable surface and a slip-proof latex back. The mat is also washable at 30°C.

The Kinderkiez nursery play map not only provides a colorful and safe surface on which children can play, it is also great for learning. It can be used to teach kids the way to school and impart important facts about road safety. Alternatively it can just be used as a great surface to play with your favorite toy cars.

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