Thursday, August 20, 2020

California Wildfire Maps

The University of California's Fire Activity interactive map provides information on the latest wildfire activity in the state of California. The map uses satellite detection systems to detect the latest wildfire hotspots. It also provides fire perimeter information from on-the-ground information and from aerial sensors.

The Fire Activity Map is designed to provide a general awareness of the latest wildfire activity. It is important that you also check with your local authorities for the latest information and updates of wildfire activity in your area. The Fire Activity Map does provide links to evacuation maps created by individual counties. If you click on these links you should be able to find the latest fire maps for your area.

If you want to keep up-to-date with the current wildfires burning in California then you can also refer to the LA Times' California Wildfires Map. The LA Times map uses data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellites and from Calfire to show the locations of all the current wildfires in the state. The interactive map shows the best guess location of each fire's origin, the latest known fire extents and hotspots showing locations where fires are suspected according to satellite imagery analysis.

The ALERTWildfire system uses live cameras to detect, locate and confirm wildfires. The system can also be used to monitor fire behavior and help firefighters tackle fires on the ground. The ALERTWildfire system is being developed by a consortium of the University of Nevada, the University of California and the University of Oregon. The system is currently operational in a number of locations in California, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon.

If you select a region from the ALERTWildfire interactive map you can see the live views from every single fire camera in the area. A Leaflet.js map shows the location of all the live cameras in the system and the direction of each camera's point of view. If you select a camera on the map you can view its current live feed. All the other feeds from the other cameras in the area are shown beneath this interactive map.

Elderly people are most vulnerable during the California wildfire season.  During the 2018 Camp Fire the average age of those who died in Butte County was 72. Currently nearly 2 million older Californians live in wildfire prone areas.

KQED has mapped out where elderly Californians live in the state's high risk fire zones. Whether you are elderly or not you can enter your address into Older and Overlooked to find out if you also live in one of California's high risk fire zones.

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